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15 Things to know before you select photos for your Wedding Album

1.All the photos should be in a way that tells the perfect story of the wedding events.Photos from all the events needs to be selected.

Covering all important family members,key moments of the events,Important rituals,bride and groom portraits,Couple photos,

Favorite photos, Important group photos,Decor,Makeup shots,Getting ready shots,Family Photos,Most loved photos and Fun Moments.

2.Don’t leave out funny memories, something that touched your heart, or an event that you never want to forget.Photos should speak to you.

3.Do Not select more number of photos as we might end up Having too many pictures will simply make it look the layout cluttered, which is not a great idea.

Focus On Quality,Not the quantity of photos.

4.Do not select same kind of photos,Select one best of them.

5.Don’t be in a hurry, Selection process will take time and lot of patience is needed.Also do not delay the Selection process.

6.Since Wedding Album is more of a story Select more candid shots over posed images.

7.Once selection is completed cross check with bride and groom is selection done by any their family member.Avoid doing the selection all alone.

8.Selection should be done in a way if some of the guest has not attended the wedding they should experience the wedding, seeing the album.

9.Add a short description for the first page describing How the Wedding Couple met each other.(Optional)

10.Add any last page note about the future plans (Optional)

11.Try not to think who "has to be" in the album, but think about what images you want to be in your wedding album.

12.Send Wedding Invites along with the selected photos for the album.

13.Do the selection In Laptop or system and sort a folder and send it to us via google drive.

14.A minimum of 180 and a maximum of 200 Photos Can Be selected.

15.If your too confused about selection,Send whatever you select (No need to worry about no of photos), we will help you in filtering and selecting the final photos to be in the album.But mention the must haves in album with a separate folder.

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